A downloadable game for Android

This is an AR-based game in which you have to collect our specially designed cards with different trademarks and scan them with this app. 

You will see the “blind box” first, open the box and you will see the object and information you got that is attached with the card. 

You can collect the objects in a certain series and check your collection display by scanning the special trademark designed for one topic. 

** This is a game development team project

- Team Member: Jiayue Gou, Grace Guo, Zhijun Song, Sarita Sun

***Below is a downloadable apk file for Andriod users

Install instructions

The file is in apk version which allows Andriod users to download and play. 

Since our AR game requires our special trademark to scan, I posted the trademark in the screenshot of this game as the cover image with a mark at the bottom and also a plain marker.


The_Memory_of_Childhood.zip 38 MB

Development log


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The nostalgic items + AR card blind box is a very promising idea! I'm sure there is a great opportunity there! If you finally have a chance to publish or commercialise the series of cards, I'll definitely buy them!

Hi guys, good work with the final! I was really impressed overall how you guys managed to make an AR game, given the amount of time we had for this project. I think to develop this game further, it would be amazing to have a place where the player can have a log of all the collected items, like an inventory :)